Trump Asks Physician Which Disinfectant Will Hurt The Least as a COVID Vaccine

With his extensive array of imaginary medical degrees, Trump is confident that one of the many disinfectants available in the Oval Office can cure his COVID-19, but he just doesn’t want the prick to hurt too bad.

He’s asked his physician for advice on which might be the least painful, with disappointing results.

“Please don’t inject yourself with disinfectant, Mr. President, as we’ve told you many, MANY times, this will not work as a vaccine for COVID-19.”

“Fake news.” Trump was heard mumbling under his breath as he scrambled on his knees through bottles of cleaner.

The future of the United States still uncertain, and the health of our president in very precarious condition, we hope that he will abandon his search for a disinfectant treatment for this virus, but, if not, we hope he won’t fear a slightly bigger prick than he’s used to.

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