Custom Designed Hoodies, Tees, & Tote Bags to Benefit COVID-19 Relief Fund

We’re all doing our best to cope under house arrest and most of us are practicing CDC guidelines for social distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19. However, it’s so tempting to go back to normalcy and go lax on our social distancing practices.

I was looking for a fun way to remind others to stay diligent and protect public health, which has turned into a giant creative project I call “Dystopian Designs.” (Our hashtag is #MasterSocialDistancing)

I “COVIDify” pop concepts into punny memes that encourage social distancing in playful, ironic ways. I can make custom designs based on any theme you would like and heat-transfer them onto shirts, hoodies, and (coming soon) reusable grocery tote bags.

Wearing these hoodies, even at home, is a fun way to keep social distancing at the front of people’s minds.

In lieu of payment, I ask that you DONATE TO THE COVID RELIEF FUND which provides essential funding and resources to local communities in the greatest need.

Each printed tee/hoodie carries a suggested donation of $50, but send me a screenshot of any donation to the COVID Relief Fund organized by the Seattle Foundation and I WILL HAND DELIVER your hoodies to you in the greater Seattle area in the most SANITARY way I know how – in nitrile gloves, a face mask, and by leaving it outside on your door step!

To place an order:

1) Browse my available designs, below, to find its associated item number.

2) Make a donation to the to the COVID Relief Fund and take a screenshot of the confirmation.

3) TEXT ME at 2 0 6. 4 9 9. 8 5 2 1 with your design number, size, quantity, and delivery address. I use USPS to ship outside of Seattle and ship internationally! So you can make an order no matter where you are! If you’re an angel and would like to cover shipping costs, I won’t try to stop you 🙂

# 1
# 22


Hoodies are available in HANES MENS SIZES: SMALL – XXXL in BLACK but if you want something other than black let me know and I’ll tell you what I have in your size.

I also have v-neck t-shirts in medium and large but they RUN LARGE so really they’re like larges and extra larges for women. T-shirt color options are grey or black. I have regular mens red t shirts in small and some other black t-shirts I can dig up. Let me know what size you are.

All I ask is that, if you’d like to contribute something to the cost of supplies, you make a donation to the COVID Relief Fund organized by the Seattle Foundation here. Suggested donation is $50, but really it’s anything your wallet can afford in these hard-ass times!

Text me at 2 0 6 . 4 9 9 . 8 5 2 1 for my next delivery run date/times! And rock on, we are all losing our minds right now and that is normal and totally OK! Reach out and talk to your friends, open up, we’re all in this together. -Ash Strayer ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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